Dating a married gemini man megan nicole and dave days dating

06-Jun-2017 15:31

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It’s not that they are hard to know, it is because people think that they know them already because the Gemini man is such a good mirror that they don’t bother to really know the Gemini man. This can happen in a match between Gemini and Libra and it can cause all sorts of problems for compatibility between these two signs.That is where the problem begins and it is something you need to be aware of when considering a relationship with a man born under Gemini. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to settle down and get married and have kids.However, the reality is that you fell in love with yourself. The Gemini guy is just mirroring your personality, your fears, your hopes, your dreams and your aspirations. You think that it’s him that you are falling in love with, but in reality, you are falling in love with yourself.That’s how powerful the concept of shared experience is.This is why many people find it easy to fall in love with a Gemini man.Unfortunately, once they figure out that this is just part of mirroring, many fall out of love. The better way to go about things is to know the Gemini guy first outside of the mirroring.There is never a dull moment with a Gemini man when it comes to funny songs, funny jokes interesting stories.

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) One of the most endearing things about the Gemini man in addition to being emotionally nurturing due to his superb emotional mirroring skills is his love for fun.The Gemini man demands excitement as much as love in a relationship. Take my advice to heart because it applies to people just starting a relationship with a Gemini man as much as it does to people who are in long term relationships with Gemini.

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